Gratitude for the Conveniences of the Internet at Christmastime

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Gratitude for the Conveniences of the Internet at Christmastime

With Christmas upon us, we’ve got a lot to be grateful for in being able to celebrate with our loved ones. In spite of winter trying to bring hardships and difficulties, Michelle and Kathy find ways of outsmarting old man winter and his cold and treacherous ways. This time of year can be great, but for some of us it can be a bit overwhelming with additional activity and demands on our time. We find ways to still be grateful, though, and wish all of our listeners (and viewers) a wonderful holiday no matter how you celebrate.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:03 Happy Friday, Kathy.
Speaker 1 00:00:06 Happy very cold Friday. Michelle, is it cold up by you? You got snow behind you? So , it’s cold.
Speaker 0 00:00:12 . It’s actually starting to snow outside my window. Um, but it’s sideways snow because the winds are horrible up here right now. It’s like, I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear them as they by my window at all, but it’s, um, yeah, it’s been raining since yesterday and now it’s freezing. So I think we’re headed for an ice storm and then snow on top of that. So, but I can’t complain too much because Buffalo, where my daughter lives is getting hit way harder again. And, uh, she,
Speaker 1 00:00:43 Oh, not again,
Speaker 0 00:00:45 . Well, they, I don’t remember how long ago it was. Is it right after Thanksgiving? They got like four or five feet in one day. Yeah. Um, it took them a couple days to dig out for that. And then, uh, yeah, my daughter sends me videos and she does, like, she’ll set up her phone in the window and do time lapse so I can watch this dogo from nothing to like four feet in about 10 minutes. .
Speaker 1 00:01:08 Wow. Crazy. Yeah, upstate new New York Snow is like no other place that I’ve ever, yeah, I mean, I thought Chicago was bad. I thought Michigan like effect was bad. But no, upstate New York, Buffalo, Rochester doesn’t get it as bad as Buffalo ever does it, or
Speaker 0 00:01:27 Sometimes no. Usually one or the other of us will get it bad. So like if we get it bad, Buffalo didn’t, and vice versa. But I will say Buffalo gets it worse than we do. Absolutely. And I think it’s because, well, the jet streams have a lot to do with it, obviously, but the jet, jet streams are also impacted by the Great Lakes. And so by the time you get to Buffalo, you’ve gone through three of the five, and then you’re sitting on Erie and Ontario, um, with the, with the Niagara River right there. And so they get like the crux of all of it. And so, uh, we get a lot too, but it depends. So we’ll usually get the same weather as Toronto. Mm. Um, because they’re literally right across the lake on a, on a really still night, always in the summer because of the weather. But on a really clear still night, you could go to the lake and you could actually see the lights from Toronto across the lake, even though it’s like 40 miles. It’s really cool. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:02:20 Wow. That’s
Speaker 0 00:02:21 Neat. I mean, see the glow, it’s pretty neat. Uh, definitely not this time of year with the snow in the wind and everything else, all the clouds, but yeah, it’s pretty cool. But, uh, yeah, so yeah, so the weather. So I am choosing to be grateful in spite of the weather because I, well, this week, I don’t know how many people know this, but I had covid, so I actually don’t think I got it at state of the word because I tested positive on Saturday, which wasn’t enough of a turnaround time. So I don’t know where I got it from. Groceries or something, or Starbucks, I don’t know. Um, but I’ve, I’ve got all my vaccines, so I’ve got the original plus four boosters. I got my flu shot recently got the fifth booster sh or the fourth booster shot. And you know, the, the vaccines are not so that you don’t get it so that you get a lighter case.
Speaker 0 00:03:12 And I will say that as miserable as this week has been, I am definitely grateful that I’ve, that it wasn’t worse. Yeah. Um, it could have been a lot worse. And as silly as this sounds, I have the worst taste in my mouth. I was telling you beforehand, tastes like bi bile all week. Some people say metallic taste. No, it just tastes like plain straight up bile in my mouth from the Pax Sln. Hope I say that right. Um, medication. But I have tested negative already today because of the medication. So I’m still congested. I still have a gra a raspy voice and I’m still tired. But, um, but this was so much quicker than it could have been when I was sick in 2020. I was in the hospital four times over nine weeks. Uh, it was miserable. So like, yeah, I’ll take this like light flu feeling type thing for a week over that any day. So yeah, grateful for modern medicine and, and then in three years of dealing with this pandemic that they’ve come so far in helping us not get as sick as, as we could.
Speaker 1 00:04:12 Yeah. So that’s good. Yeah. I saw you on Monday and uh, this weekend word process and I was just like, oh no, I sounded so bad. Been checking in e even I’m like washing dishes or whatever and I’m like, I hope Michelle’s okay. And then I’ll go like,
Speaker 0 00:04:27 Oh,
Speaker 1 00:04:27 Good. She commented on somebody on . She’s okay, good.
Speaker 0 00:04:32 Just like she’s still above
Speaker 1 00:04:35 just worrying about you a little bit. Cuz I knew how Yeah. How you know. I know how it can be. Yeah. Like, I mean I was only really done with Covid. I had it last year and my husband got it when he was in the medical. They just did, he was in rehab and they did not do proper protocols and mm-hmm. , he got it and got it pretty bad post, you know, he having had the stroke and everything, it was, yeah. It was pretty bad. And so they, because they did not, um, they did not follow proper procedures, they actually ended up infecting me and then I couldn’t even go see him cuz I was so sick. Right. And it was bad for like two to three days and then I was fine, but every once in a while I would just get like super dizzy. Like I really felt like I was doing a summersault. Like I’d just be driving and I’m like, gosh, that does not feel hard. it was the weirdest thing. I was OK and everything, but it was just like out of nowhere. Summersault feels strange. It’s
Speaker 0 00:05:34 The, it strange,
Speaker 1 00:05:36 The strangest virus I’ve ever dealt with in my life. It’s so bizarre. Yeah,
Speaker 0 00:05:40 I will agree with that a hundred percent. But I, I will also tell you that there have been some really good things this week. So, um, I am so grateful for Instacart, for example. Yeah. Because I mean, I use it anyway and I, I know that I pay more for my groceries. I give an enormous tip because it’s a percentage and whatever, but I can’t grocery shop for myself easily because I’m my mobility issues. I even if I could grocery shop and get the groceries in the car, I can’t get them from the car until my kitchen. So it’s the car, like the guy brought my groceries yesterday, so I’ve got all my groceries for Christmas making lasagna. If anybody wants my recipe, it’s phenomenal. Anyway, um, hit me up on, on Twitter or bass it on or whatever you are. Um, but, uh, the guy just, you know, I, I shouted for the, from the, um, from the couch.
Speaker 0 00:06:33 I’m like, could you just put him inside the door? And he is like, sure. And then so he puts it inside the door, he leaves. And then my neighbor upstairs, Julia, who went to stay to the word, I got a ticket as a brand new user. Love that. Um, she came down and she put on my groceries away for me. She also has covid, so she’s, she’s like, she had a very light case. She, hers was like a, a little sniffles basically. Um, and not being able to taste much, but she, so we were both, we were both positive. So she came and put my groceries away. Anyway, . So, um, and just super grateful for the opportunities to do all my Christmas shopping through Amazon and online shopping. Yeah. And, you know, get all my groceries through, um, through Instacart and things like that, that I am able to continue to function fully and work from home when I do feel up to working.
Speaker 0 00:07:28 You know, I did take a full day off, I don’t remember what day it was, Tuesday maybe. And half a day. Wednesday yesterday was kinda like a little bit on and then a little bit down and then a little bit on. So like, and my team has been so awesome about like, nice, just get better. You know, just get better. Yeah. And so there’s a lot to be grateful for. Um, and sometimes getting sick is a way to cement for you those things that for which you should have gratitude, right? Yeah. I’m still, among the living, I didn’t affect my parents. Like, you know, they, they, we’ve kept our distance. Um, I have things sent to them if they need it. You know, all of those things that could otherwise, um, be problematic. I’ve just been able to kind of cocoon, but because of Zoom and FaceTime, I’ve still been able to feel connected to the rest of the world. And so there is much to be grateful for. Absolutely.
Speaker 1 00:08:25 Nice. Yeah. Yeah. I, I think about all the things that I buy on Amazon. Okay. Oh well we need that. Okay. Here, let me just throw it in the cart. Yeah. And come, you know, whenever, within a few days, just, if I had to run out every single time to get stuff, it would just be, yeah. I’d, I’d never have any time to myself. It’s just that ridiculous. How did we do it before ?
Speaker 0 00:08:52 Honestly, I, I think we went without a lot. Right? It’s, it’s really convenient. Like Cel Elastic. So I live in a condo, Julia, my neighbor lives upstairs, so she’s like right there. And uh, we text each other constantly. So the other day I, I got in bed early cuz I was really cold. This is about two weeks ago,
Speaker 1 00:09:13 Uhhuh .
Speaker 0 00:09:14 Suddenly I hear an alarm and I’m like, what was that? Did I really hear something? Did. And I like waited. I’m like laying in bed at five o’clock cuz it’s warm . And I’m like, and I hear it again like three minutes later. So I texted her, I’m like, there’s an alarm going off at my house and I don’t know what it is. She’s like, I’ll be right down. So she comes down and I’m sitting in the hallway trying to figure out like, where’s this noise coming from . And at that point I realized that cuz I bought my parents condo, the only 1400 square feet, which is sizeable, I’m not complaining, but in the hallway, it’s a short hallway. There are four smoke detectors in one small hallway. And then the laundry room, which is on off the hallway has two smoke detectors and a CO2 detector.
Speaker 0 00:10:00 What was my mother? So af afraid, she must be terrified that the place was gonna burn down. So we determined it was a CO2 detector and that it’s just end was at end of life. So if it, if it like, had actually been or not CO2 co detector, right? Carbon monoxide. Yeah. We all have carbon dioxide. You know what I meant? . So anyway, it was at the end of its life and it does that like alarm to let you know that, you know, you don’t replace filters on those, you throw it away, you get a new one. And so like, I went online, I had the next one in three days, plugged it back into the wall because Amazon so nice. It’s keeping me safe. It keeps me healthy.
Speaker 1 00:10:37 And you just reminded me, I don’t have one of those and I probably should have one. I had
Speaker 0 00:10:42 One. It’s safer. Where
Speaker 1 00:10:44 Do we have it? Oh yeah. My husband had one in, um, when we lived in Mount Shasta, we had a, we were living in this house that had radiant floor heat, but to turn it on was like, like the guy who built the house, he’s like, yeah, if you can go without just do, just go without, unless you like hundred a month heating bill. When we were just like, oh, I guess we’re going without .
Speaker 0 00:11:03 And
Speaker 1 00:11:04 Interesting, there were never that traumatic. So we had, and we had a wood stove, so we just like lived with a wood stove for like a decade. Right. I didn’t have any mm-hmm. . But he, he bought this carbon monoxide. I’m like, we don’t even, there’s like nothing that would, and he’s like, well there’s the water heater . But now I’ve got like gas heat and like I should have one,
Speaker 0 00:11:24 Right?
Speaker 1 00:11:25 Yeah. I, I think
Speaker 0 00:11:26 Well in a, in a condo. So my bedroom is right next to the laundry room, which is also the hot water tank and the furnace. So like having all of those appliance in one little room like that, it’s, it’s a good idea to have a seal monitor. But
Speaker 1 00:11:43 That’s my alarm.
Speaker 0 00:11:46 Which tongue is that? Is
Speaker 1 00:11:47 That, that’s Milo, the Milo Jackson puppy.
Speaker 0 00:11:50 The Dund.
Speaker 1 00:11:51 Yeah. Oh my gosh. Every little thing. Yeah. So who knows, it could’ve just been a branch from one of the bushes hitting the window, but it’s like, ha so funny. And he’s gonna keep going. Milo. Milo. That’s
Speaker 0 00:12:06 Okay. And
Speaker 1 00:12:08 Then my golden retriever who, who could be somewhat scary to like an intruder or something. Never barks. He’s just kinda like, guess something’s going on, but dachshunds whatever. I didn’t know when I got the Dund how like, apparently they’re like major league Barkers so,
Speaker 0 00:12:26 Well they were actually bre bred to be war docs. Dachsunds are actually, they were bred to be like terrifying ACO biters .
Speaker 1 00:12:37 He, he is of any dog I’ve ever met. He’s so sweet and cuddly and yeah. Wonderful. But there is Cujo inside that
Speaker 0 00:12:46 .
Speaker 1 00:12:47 Like you put a toy and you just like play a little bit and it’s like, and he’s
Speaker 0 00:12:51 Just,
Speaker 1 00:12:52 He will kill,
Speaker 0 00:12:55 Remember the g the genie from Alad in the, the the animated movie Yeah. Is like enormous power in face. . That’s your dog.
Speaker 1 00:13:07 My mini Doon too. So he’s just, he can’t do anything.
Speaker 0 00:13:13 I love when you post pictures on, cause
Speaker 1 00:13:15 He’s so cute. Yeah. , he’s adorable and he’s really sweet and mode. And usually I’ll put him upstairs when we record. And so Claire will
Speaker 0 00:13:25 Watch him. It’s all good.
Speaker 1 00:13:27 But hopefully he’ll realize
Speaker 0 00:13:32 I have a cat who’s like out of the desk just out of, out of frame. Mm-hmm. who like to likes like if I had the headphones off and she could hear, she’d be looking at you trying to figure out how she’s hearing you. It’s so funny. She’s, but also annoying cuz she’s right in the middle of my face. But yeah. Yeah, it’s funny. So funny. Um, thinking about things that are, you know, I’m grateful for. Um, you know, maybe we’ll do a little bit more of that next week too at the end of the year. But Yeah. Um, you know, I lost my dad this year as we’ve talked about before and um, it takes forever first date to actually work through all the stuff that they have to do. But I did get a little bit of money this week, um, from his estate.
Speaker 0 00:14:13 And uh, I’m grateful that I was able to pay off my covid bills when I had Covid in 2020. I didn’t have insurance and I owed the bank over $5,000 or the hospital over $5,000. And so that’s been paid off now, which is really good. And I bought myself a new camera in memory of my dad. And so, um, I, I’m a fairly decent photographer, but I bought, I bought a mirrorless and I took it to the zoo a couple weekends ago. I finally got around to looking at the pictures. I suck at taking pictures of this camera, but that’s only cuz I haven’t practiced yet. I will be amazing with this camera eventually. Um, I’m bound and determined, but it’s really nice cuz it’s smaller, it takes less space and I can actually travel with it a lot easier. But, um, so yeah, so, you know, it’s interesting not everybody who passes is able to leave a legacy or able to leave money for their family. Um, and my father planned accordingly and was able to provide a little bit for us. And so, although I miss him terribly, I’m grateful for the fact that he was able to do that for us.
Speaker 1 00:15:16 That is so nice. What a blessing. That’s just, yeah. So nice. And I’m so glad you did something to not just like, okay, well I’ll save this for the future, but something a little something is a treat for yourself. Yeah. Too. A new toy to play with. But yeah. Yes. Cameras are like, well, anything really, it’s kind of like you’re sort of the conductor of a new orchestra, right? You’ve got a new Yeah. A new, um, tool that you’re using and it has to become an extension of you. And so there’s like a relationship that has to develop there. Yeah. So I, you take such beautiful pictures, especially I love it when you go out for the nature photos. It’s like, I mean, I try to take pictures just like, yeah, I guess not, but you just capture wildlife in such a beautiful way. I’m just astonished with the pictures you take. Well
Speaker 0 00:16:04 I, I love to to tell people that if you love my photography, not that I’m patting myself on the back. Maybe a little but not too much. But if you love my photography, think about the fact that almost every one of those nature photos is taken from the front seat of my car. Like I’m I cuz I don’t walk well, um, I, I tr try to drive places where I can see wildlife and on my cameras on the passenger side. And I, I mean, I’m not driving and taking pictures at the same time. Like, don’t everybody worry that I’m like not paying attention to the road. But I do pull over when I see things and like those, I got some really great eagle shots about a year ago, literally through the passenger side window. I got some pictures of this eagle flying with a huge carpet. It’s talons. And so I was just like,
Speaker 1 00:16:45 Wow.
Speaker 0 00:16:47 From my car. Like that’s just so crazy
Speaker 1 00:16:50 . That’s so cool.
Speaker 0 00:16:52 Yeah. But it’s nice to live in a place where there’s such great wildlife too. So
Speaker 1 00:16:56 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:16:58 So yeah, hopefully I’ll learn this camera better and like, and through the back of it, like, you know, this one doesn’t, it’s, it doesn’t have a viewfinder like I like with my D S L R cameras. Right. So you just look at the picture on the back and you said snap it. Um, I thought they all looked great, , but I got home and I was like, well there’s three shots out of 40 that, um, I would actually show somebody .
Speaker 1 00:17:20 Yeah. The two
Speaker 0 00:17:20 Of them, two of them are in the repository already the, um, photo project. So if you’re interested Oh cool. Take a picture of a frog and some lights are in there, but
Speaker 1 00:17:29 Nice. So yeah.
Speaker 0 00:17:31 So what, what are you hoping for for Christmas?
Speaker 1 00:17:35 Um, that the water cut we’re having a decrease right now in Texas and it came in the wind st like yesterday morning I went for a walk with the dogs and it was 45 degrees, everything was fine and then the wind just out of nowhere and within five minutes it dropped six degrees. And I was just like, oh, I guess snow Meer is here, snow Meer is here. I guess, uh, the whole northwest of snow thing isn’t working. And um, I had gone the, the way our house is, we have like this manifold upstairs that has like the water pipes go out from that mm-hmm. and I went upstairs and wrapped blankets around it. Cause I knew that was what my husband did a couple years ago when we had a deep freeze in TOXs. And so I thought I did a good job, but by noon, one o’clock I went around just to test it. Oh gosh. Well I guess the, I’m not taking a bath. I guess it’s okay, but Oh my gosh, I hope nothing bad is happening. I mean I grew up in Chicago area so everyone was insulated and if you had like 24 below you did dripping faucets and stuff like that and Yeah. You know, 10 degrees should not, cause my house isn’t, well they just don’t insulate well.
Speaker 0 00:18:45 Right. The
Speaker 1 00:18:46 Cold down here, they don’t deal with cold. All the houses are built to withstand heat. Yeah, exactly. Until like Exactly. It’s just so I’m stressed out this morning, so I’m just hoping the, like I don’t think we’re gonna th out till Christmas. Really? So I’m hoping Well,
Speaker 0 00:19:02 That’s a good thing. You look good in a ponytail.
Speaker 1 00:19:04 . Yeah, that’s it. I’m not taking a shower. I think I have one shower that works, but I’m just not, it’s so cold in my house right now. I’m wearing like all my , I’m wearing all my outside clothes inside.
Speaker 0 00:19:18 I love it when the turtle that comes up to your eyes to keep your face warm.
Speaker 1 00:19:22 . Pretty much. I’m just like, this is what I wore when I went outside with a jacket over and a hat and had to walk the dogs and like yelling at ’em. Do your business. Do your business. Come on. It’s cold. They’re gonna have to go like every hour. I think , they’re just like, where’s our walk? We go at least a couple nights. I walk him about a couple miles every morning. Yeah. Not the Docksin so much, but the golden, he needs his exercise so I make sure he gets it. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:19:51 So wait,
Speaker 1 00:19:51 How cold is anything? It’s right now. It’s, it was 11 this morning. It’s 16 now. Whew.
Speaker 0 00:19:59 It’s colder there than it is here in New York.
Speaker 1 00:20:02 Isn’t that crazy? It’s 20,
Speaker 0 00:20:04 It’s 26 and windy it says. Um, but also it’s starting to snow and the wind is like 40 miles an hour. So probably like 20 miles an hour. But I exaggerate a lot when it comes to wind cuz I just made it .
Speaker 1 00:20:18 I so on my phone, I keep everybody’s weather. Like I have everybody’s weather and I keep an eye on things cuz my son’s in Minnesota and I’m like, oh, it’s seven below there and Mount Shat. I gotta know what, I gotta know what everybody’s mother is. So my husband’s from upstate New York and uh, it’s 33 in snowing for the next hour over by uh, Syracuse. So
Speaker 0 00:20:41 Yeah, Syracuse is actually not supposed to get it as bad as Rochester and Buffalo.
Speaker 1 00:20:45 Oh really?
Speaker 0 00:20:46 Yeah. Wow. Definitely. Buffalo’s getting hit. My daughter just texted me, um, road closures and I’ll keep you updated cuz they’re supposed to come in on Sunday morning for Christmas. Yeah. So we’ll see. I’m, I’m really hoping So she doesn’t listen to the podcast. I can tell you all I made for her the same thing I made for Matt Mullenweg. Different faces of course. Yeah. But I made her, I guess who gain of all her friends and I didn’t, I, I mean she’s a 30, 30 year old woman, so I don’t know all her friends anymore. It’s not like when they were like in third grade and you knew it was all the people in her class. Right. So I, so her husband was in on it with me and we shared a note in, um, apple. Like Apple notes from your phones. Yeah. And so he like added a bunch of people and thank God he put like last names on there for a lot of ’em because I, and he was, he was supposed to help me get people to send me their picture, but his father passed away the week of Thanksgiving, so obviously I wasn’t going to be asking him for a lot of help.
Speaker 0 00:21:43 So I stalked everybody. Like I was all over like Lydia’s Facebook and then like it says Ian, like maybe, hopefully there’s only one Ian. Oh look, she only has one Ian. I hope that’s the Ian, right? Yeah. So like, like stealing people’s photos off of Facebook. I’m like, it’s public and I’m putting them in this guess who game. And then also like her friend Amanda, um, who was in her wedding and I, I messaged her on Instagram. I’m like, I need help. Help me get people, you know. And so she starts sending me people with their names and so it’s 24 faces in a guess who game. And I got 24 people on there including my niece that hangs out with her a lot and things like that. So, so Lydia is getting a guess who game? Um, I hope and I’m so excited about it on Sunday morning and when she opens it and she just sees the guess to a game, I’m gonna be like, oh, I found your game from when you were a kid. I thought you’d want it back. And like, it’s not. But she, she might believe that cuz I had to unwrap it to put it all together. I’m be like, why don’t you look at open it up and see which one was your favorite again. You know? And then she’s gonna be like, oh my God, these are all my perfects. It probably won’t go anything like that. But in my head that’s like the perfect way that this is all gonna go down
Speaker 1 00:22:55 . That’s so funny. I love that. Just sort of individual individualized, very specific to someone that you care about kind of gift that’s just perfect.
Speaker 0 00:23:05 I wish,
Speaker 1 00:23:07 I wish I could, uh, do that better. I’m just kind of like this, that whatever. Okay. They can use this
Speaker 0 00:23:14 . You’re kind in survival mode still though. It’s been a year. Yeah, but it’s not like your husband is back to normal. Like there’s no, no, there’s no back to normal in his situation. So like, it’s changed for you a lot.
Speaker 1 00:23:25 The the new normal, the the noodle. Yeah. He woke me up at three o’clock. No it was th three 30 and he was just like antsy, like grunting. And I’m like in the dark. Are you okay? How do you know I’m here ? Like, because there’s only one other person in this room and it’s you. Um, or sometimes he’s like, who’s that? Like he, he’ll hear my voice and he won’t, he just wakes up because the way where the stroke happened in his brain, he lost. So every day’s kind of like a groundhog day. It’s getting a lot better. Like he remembers the movie he watched last week. Oh he’ll remember what we had for dinner last night. Now the, you know, the short term memory stuff is coming back, but mm-hmm , a lot of that was wiped out. And sometimes he just says the craziest, funniest last week he said, oh no, this was just the other day. He said, do you like to judge the bad people? I’m like, . I guess that’s what they’re there for. Yeah, I do, I judge bad people. And he’s like, let’s do it. I’m like, okay, okay. I’m how do you play this game? And he’s like, I don’t know, I thought you had the rules.
Speaker 0 00:24:31 just, oh my gosh.
Speaker 1 00:24:34 I mean, what? It’s just such a bizarre conversation. But it’s so funny. It just slays me every time and I’m like, all right, let’s look at this guy on tv. He might be a bad boy , you know, and I just like play this thing.
Speaker 0 00:24:48 How
Speaker 1 00:24:48 Do you judge him with it? It’s the funniest, some of the funniest stuff. But yeah, I mean like, so I was up at, he had me up at midnight the night before and then up at three 30 in the morning last night and then the cat woke me up cuz I had to like block off the bathroom cuz I had open up all this cabinets and I didn’t want her into stuff. Yeah. And she’s like, why is this door closed? it’s closed cause of you.
Speaker 0 00:25:16 It’s supposed to be like this. Right?
Speaker 1 00:25:18 Yeah, exactly. You know how cats are with like closed doors, just like what, why is this closed? I have a complaints .
Speaker 0 00:25:27 I have a cat who I have, I have the litter boxes are in the store, a storage room. So I, I’m, I don’t have a basement, I don’t have anything like that. So they’re in the storage room. I keep the storage room door open because obviously they have to have access. So I have three cats. One of them will do her business, scratch the, you know, the little litter back over it and then scratch the wall, the floor. Like she’ll go on for 10 minutes, I’ll finally yell like enough and she’ll go out. Like what? I was just cleaning
Speaker 1 00:25:55 Up. .
Speaker 0 00:25:58 So funny. I’ve
Speaker 1 00:26:01 Got routines too, Michelle,
Speaker 0 00:26:03 Right?
Speaker 1 00:26:04 Excuse
Speaker 0 00:26:05 Me.
Speaker 1 00:26:07 Oh, ugh. Great. I love my animals but sometimes they just drive me nuts. But I, you know. Yep. I’ll, I put up with a lot for the people and the for enabled family members that I love. Yeah. I will put up with a lot, but you know.
Speaker 0 00:26:26 Yeah. But I do, I do . I do have a burning point. Like there is a point where I’m like, okay, eat enough already. .
Speaker 1 00:26:35 Definitely.
Speaker 0 00:26:36 Yeah. Yeah. But, but yeah. But it’s good. So, oh, the other thing is I have a friend who does woodworking and I had him cut some, some slabs of, um, maple and make charcuterie boards. So one for me and then one for Lydia. So she’s getting that for Christmas too, so.
Speaker 1 00:26:55 Oh, nice.
Speaker 0 00:26:56 So everything isn’t offered Amazon wishlist. So there are surprises in there too. .
Speaker 1 00:27:00 That’s so cool. That’s wonderful. Yeah,
Speaker 0 00:27:04 I’m
Speaker 1 00:27:04 Excited. Yeah. My daughter just got horse stuff but I don’t buy That’s
Speaker 0 00:27:09 What she wants,
Speaker 1 00:27:09 Right? That’s what she wants. Yeah. She’s just a hundred percent all about horses all the time, so
Speaker 0 00:27:16 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:27:17 Horse stuff.
Speaker 0 00:27:18 Exactly. Well that’s good. Well, I, I hope that you have wonderful holiday weekend. I hope that everybody listening to us had a wonderful holiday weekend, cuz it’ll be over by head when we publish this . Yeah. And we’ll be looking at the new year. So hap ha. Happy New year everybody.
Speaker 1 00:27:36 Happy New Year. Well, we’ll have next week I wanna talk about, I’d love for you to think about this too, cuz I’m trying to really come, I want, I really wanna set some goals for 2023 and I’m, so, I’m like reading, other people are writing about their goals and I’m really trying to consider what are the things that I want for 2023. Like yeah, I wanna, and then I wanna aim high, so I’d love to know what ooh, what you want for next year.
Speaker 0 00:27:59 I’m gonna put so that into that we can and I will come with my ideas.
Speaker 1 00:28:04 . Awesome. Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas, happy merry
Speaker 0 00:28:07 Christmas holidays, all that stuff. Merry, merry. Yeah, absolutely. I know we both celebrate Christmas and Merry Christmas to you and um, to all of our listeners, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we hope it’s a good one.