Mountains, Birthdays, and Photoshoots

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Mountains, Birthdays, and Photoshoots

Do you celebrate your birthday? Do you go to the mountaintops? Do you relish in a photoshoot? Some things are big. Some things are small. We can enjoy them all.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:00 Hey Kathy.
Speaker 1 00:00:01 Hi Michelle. How are you?
Speaker 0 00:00:03 I’m good. How are you?
Speaker 1 00:00:05 I’m good. Happy early. Well, happy birthday, but the time this comes out, your birthday will be passed, so happy birthday. Woo.
Speaker 0 00:00:13 I know, right? It was awesome. It’s really tomorrow, but it was awesome. Excited. I don’t care how old I get, I love my birthday. I’ve never been afraid to say how old I am, and I’m actually really freaking proud at how much I accomplish every year at whatever age I’m at, you know? So some people, if, if you wanna keep your birthday a secret to yourself, I’m all for that too. I’ve just never been one. I just like to celebrate my birthday and, and that kind of thing. And uh, so I’m still 53 today, but I’ll be 54 tomorrow and I’ve got a beautiful 30 year old daughter who is happily Ed in a wonderful job that she loves two jobs actually. She leads, she teaches fitness, she teaches pole fitness and step aerobics at a women’s gym in Buffalo. And she’s vice president of fiduciary trust management at m and t Bank. And so like, hey, I have a lot to be proud of before I even get to the stuff I’ve done, but I raised a awesome kid, you know, And then, uh, you know, and then I have all my jobs and I mean, everybody knows what I do in the community and um, and some of stuff I don’t do that. I never goes public. And that’s good too, right? Cause it’s good, you gotta keep some things to yourself or um, to other people have people, people in the nono. But um, Exactly.
Speaker 1 00:01:29 Yeah, you are the busiest woman in WordPress.
Speaker 0 00:01:32 I mean, that moment said it,
Speaker 1 00:01:34 So it
Speaker 0 00:01:35 Must be true. Um, I think we’re all pretty busy. I just am public about my busyness. There goes my camera again.
Speaker 1 00:01:43 There goes your camera. But I love that picture profile. That is the
Speaker 0 00:01:50 Watching. If you’re listening to this our podcast and not seeing it every I have, I’m in my home office and I have a camera, this camera, this webcam was from Walmart on clearance for a buck and oh wow, you get what you pay for folks because ,
Speaker 0 00:02:10 So it’s not a lot, but what it does, you see me a picture of me drinking outta my Wonder Woman mug, which I love too. So that’s, it’s all good. But this week I’m gonna, I’m gonna talk a lot at Kathy. You’re just gonna have to interrupt me to get a of advice. This week on Sunday, I had a photo shoot and I actually, I contacted this woman who did photos for a friend of mine, and she’s a bir photographer and Oh wow. For those of you listening, if you don’t know what a b wire photographer is, it’s bou wire means bedroom. So it’s like the sexy, like, you know, lingerie fingers in your mouth. I don’t know all that kind of like if you could like Victoria’s Secret catalog, kinda. Yeah. And I reached out to her because number one been so long since I’ve done hair and makeup on myself, I didn’t trust myself to do a good job.
Speaker 0 00:02:58 And she works with a hair and makeup person and she connects really well with her subjects. So I said to her, I reached out to through Facebook, I’m like, I want this photo shoot. I picked one of the options. I said, But not Bud Wire. I said, I, I need a, I said, This sounds so silly. I go, I need to go influencer shoot, like what they call like at the desk pose and at the ch drinking your coffee clothes and all that stuff. I go, I’m really an influencer. Like kinda, she goes, Well, what’s your industry? I’m like, WordPress, she’s is that handicap accessible and I can’t do stairs as we know. So she came to my house. So eight 30 Sunday morning, the hair and makeup girl, I’m sorry, hair and makeup woman comes to my house. She comes in, she, we sit at this desk right here, got great natural light out this window.
Speaker 0 00:03:54 And uh, she does my hair and makeup. I look at the mirror and I was like, Who is that girl? She’s pretty awesome. Look at that. And I just got my hair done, um, colored the day before. So there was no strong stripe down the middle. And then she leaves the, when the photographer gets here and like, I have a blank screen, like I didn’t have my laptop out. Like, you’ll see me at my desk, you’ll send me pretend to podcast into microphones with a blank screen in front of me. I’m just gonna tell everybody, it’s like, oh, there was a screen protector on it. You couldn’t see it with the camera, but , it was fun. And I got those photos back yesterday as I came out of the mountains and finally had cell service again, there was a, a message from her. So I have a new photo, um, profile photo on Twitter, on a different one on Facebook.
Speaker 0 00:04:39 So if you follow me, either of those places, you get to see that. Um, she might have done some of those B photos in the middle, but nobody gets to see those except me. So sorry, whatever. Anyway, so that was the first part. And then Tuesday I packed up and I went up to the Aron Neck Mountains and it is peak, um, right now for fall foliage. And so I took a ton of pictures up there and they’re not all good. Some of them are out of a speed car. I was not driving, I was with a friend, so I wasn’t photographing while I was driving. Um, so some of them were like, I wonder how well this will come out. Oh, that’s a big blur of orange leaves. But I got some really good ones at White Face Mountain and just, uh, I don’t even know where all of them are, what peaks I was looking at, but I posted those on Facebook and uh, Twitter also.
Speaker 0 00:05:26 So if you’re just in seeing any of those, um, and they’ll be on Instagram eventually. I’m just too lazy to have done that yet, . But I had a good time up there. My friend and I, we hung out. We got pizza one night and steaks the next and it was just a lot of fun. And then today I had nothing this morning and I could sleep in except for my bladder. So I’ve been upset this morning. And then I did a photo shoot for a high school senior this afternoon and, uh, at the college of, of his choice that he’s gonna be going to this fall. And so we got some good pictures and he was all smiles and happy. And I went to high school with his mom. So like, she and I got to reconnect and had a lot of really good fun things.
Speaker 0 00:06:10 And then as he said, tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m doing family stuff this weekend. And it’s just, yeah, it’s all good, you know, I mean there’s ups and downs in life and like we talked about last week, there’s compost and it’s in a lot of ways been a, a shitty year for both of us. But you, it’s so fun, right? And then I got home and picture me carrying in my camera and everything, the clothes I ordered are on my front step. And a big edible arrangement from Jessica Frick was on my door too. So now I’m like trying to use my cane open my door. It, I, if anybody had like a camera on me and I actually have a ring doorbell, so I could probably go back and find the footage if anybody wants to see how miserably I failed at getting everything in the house. But I’m happy I get to talk to you. So yeah, that’s been whirlwind the week.
Speaker 1 00:07:00 That is so awesome. Well, not as well good as you, but I’ve had, you know, a decent enough week. But I love the fact that you, you know, it’s your birthday week and you took time off for yourself and did fun things that celebrate you and you really like carved that time out for yourself. And I think a lot of people, you know, we’re moms and dads and we got kids demands on us and other work, there’s always somebody who’s gonna want something from you, but you took care of you first. And I love it . And you’re glowing. You’re glowing and your pictures, you’re glowing. And I just love it.
Speaker 0 00:07:42 It’s funny, I, I think my pictures are a little bit of a, um, bait and switch cuz like I put on makeup for the first time in like five years for photos. It’s like I dare put those on the dating app because people be like, well she’s got the purple hair, but the rest of her doesn’t look like that . Oh. But it’s fun.
Speaker 1 00:08:04 Oh, got
Speaker 0 00:08:05 The dress up and play dress up and some of the pictures I’ll send you the, I’ll send you some somewhere later, but I’ve got Tiaras and some of ’em and whole diamond and another one and my on air sign and yeah, I was real happy with it. They came out, they, they were pretty good.
Speaker 1 00:08:20 Oh, that’s great. That is so cool. I haven’t done wow, my standard like okay, need a headshot. There’s, the picture is so old. so old. I mean, I don’t think I’ve changed that much, but I, I definitely look a little more less tired. actually a little more spunky. It was when I was living in Mount Shafton. I’ve got pine trees behind me. It’s definitely not Texas . Um, but yeah, it’s so cool that you did that. It’s, I think it’s, it’s great. It’s, you know, I mean everybody wants to refresh their pictures and to do so in a way that sort of really celebrates you. I think it’s just amazing.
Speaker 0 00:08:56 Thanks. It was a lot of fun. It was. And and it was one of those things where, and then like I looked through some of them and I was like, Oh, that one will never see the line of day. Like there’s pictures, she be like sitting back with a cup of coffee and I’m like, I don’t, I mean there are things all of us would change about ourselves, right. And yeah, I could definitely lose some weight or whatever, but leaning back with my belly as the, as like the center of the shot, I dunno, a thin person that wants that picture.
Speaker 1 00:09:23 . Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So,
Speaker 0 00:09:26 So that one’s like, nobody’s gonna see that one but the rest of the room, you know, not so, not so bad. So even ugly Garfield, I dunno if you’ve seen Ugly Garfield.
Speaker 1 00:09:35 I have
Speaker 0 00:09:36 So ugly Garfield ISN in some of the pictures too, cuz like this is where I sit and didn’t like other than clearing cords. So it didn’t look like I sat in a bunch of spaghetti. Everything is kind of the way, what you see is what you get around me. So yeah. Fun stuff.
Speaker 1 00:09:49 That’s cool. That’s, I cleaned, I got rid of some of the books back there and up and I got a candle going. Oh
Speaker 0 00:09:58 You do,
Speaker 1 00:09:59 It’s a can. Yeah, I’ve got this. I found this candle. I mean I’ve got a bunch of candles, but I found this candle and I didn’t even know where it came from and I smelled it and I’m like, this smells really nice . So it’s like the first like sced candle I’ve lit and quite some time so and
Speaker 0 00:10:14 So I buy your him lay on salt lamp, which is beautiful.
Speaker 1 00:10:17 It is. Which has been on for like months. it, like there’s a power cord in the cabinet back there. I’m like, Oh wow, how convenient. Plug it and like it’s, it’s too much work to turn it off now cause I have to open the cabinet. That’s so
Speaker 0 00:10:30 It’s a good nightlight if you need to wander into that room in the dark too, so there you
Speaker 1 00:10:34 Go. Definitely. Yeah, it works. It works. I have had to do, I have a funny story. This morning my husband woke up at five 50. My alarm goes off at six, wakes up at five 50 and he just needs to help getting adjusted and everything. So I get him adjusted and get ’em all situated and I’m like, you get to go back to sleep. And then my alarm goes off and he says, What’s that? And I’m like, that’s just the theme song for my life. . And then he says, I always knew this was a movie sleep just could not stop laughing. I’m like, not a bad way to look at it. It kind of is just a movie. And
Speaker 0 00:11:16 Your just one of those like, or is it like a song that you actually have on your phone? It’s,
Speaker 1 00:11:22 It’s on the phone. And so it’s like one of these songs that like starts really quiet and gets like really loud and then I think the phone might start vibrating. But I’ve never that slow to shut it . But it was just like, you know, I mean obviously on a Friday the last thing you wanna do is wake up earlier than you have to. But it’s like for the I’ll do it.
Speaker 0 00:11:48 Let’s, if they’re gonna make a of your life, who would you want to play you?
Speaker 1 00:11:54 Oh geez, I have no idea. Oh my gosh. I don’t know. I’d have to think of somebody who, um, would have to be somebody funny because mm-hmm. , I do try to be a comedian because you know, tears of a clown type of thing.
Speaker 0 00:12:11 Absolutely. .
Speaker 1 00:12:14 So somebody said that like Robin Williams, you know, Robin Williams like obviously died with, it was pretty sad situation. And, but he was one of the funniest people around. And I, you know, people who have like real sadness, they use comedy to kind of like, yeah. Make other people not feel the sadness that they know so deeply. And it’s kind of like this space, if you can hold the space of sadness, you can also hold the space of, of happiness. And I’m like, that’s it, that’s who I’m gonna be. That’s, so I changed my Twitter thing, like I’ve got the Twitter pro thing and so I’m like, what, what kind of business are you? And I just put comedian
Speaker 0 00:12:51 And
Speaker 1 00:12:51 Then it has that little like info icon next to it. And if you hover over it, it’s like, these are self-selected. And I’m like, are you saying I’m not funny Twitter? Is that what you’re saying? I’m not funny. I
Speaker 0 00:13:01 Well I know you are. You might mean that . I I’m, I’m, I’m gonna pick the person who’s gonna play you in your movie.
Speaker 1 00:13:08 Okay. Cuz I can’t do it.
Speaker 0 00:13:09 Okay. So you get the person that I’d want to play me. So you then you gotta start thinking about somebody else to play me. Cuz you gotta pick me if I’m picking you.
Speaker 1 00:13:17 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:13:18 Meryl Streep was playing you because she plays drama and comedy equally as well. And I feel like, like all the different movies that she has, she could bring a strength to actually equal who Kathy’s aunt is.
Speaker 1 00:13:33 Yeah. You
Speaker 0 00:13:34 Get
Speaker 1 00:13:34 Married me Streep. Wow. . Oh my gosh, I feel so Return . I feel so pressured. I can’t come up with anybody that, um, I would
Speaker 0 00:13:46 Somebody pretty and I’ll be happy.
Speaker 1 00:13:48 Well I mean the first name that pops into my head is, is Julia Roberts. That’s
Speaker 0 00:13:53 Who I always pick for me. So it’s good.
Speaker 1 00:13:55 No way. Yeah. Oh my gosh. That’s weird. Yeah. Cause cause you, when you walk into a room, you like have a presence and you light up the room and she always has that like presence. You know, she’s in a movie, you can’t miss her. She’s just got presence. Right. And so that’s why I would pick her for you. Oh, thank you. But that’s what popped into my head. So either I’m psychic or really you guys are long lost twins,
Speaker 0 00:14:16 and the Danny DeVito of that twins, she’s the Schwarz . She’s tall and I’m not. But that’s the only real difference. Oh
Speaker 1 00:14:28 My gosh.
Speaker 0 00:14:30 I love it. I love it. Well, if you’re listening to this or watching this, you’ve made it this far. Thank you. And we hope you have a wonderful week. And also leave us a message on one of our Twitters and tell us who would play you in a movie. We wanna know. So, uh, and, and, and , let’s hope it’s a romcom or, um, a comedy. And it isn’t a tragedy, but tell us a little bit about who would play you in a movie. We wanna know and we will come back, I promise. So that sounds fun. Thanks for laughing and celebrating with me today, Kathy. You’ll have a great birthday. Thank you. We’ll see everybody next week when we’re not celebrating anybody’s birthday, but hopefully we’ll have something just as interesting to share with you all. Have a great week.